Wolf's Paradise V.2

Like a wolf's cry in the distance...
I hear the crying of your soul...
-Ricky Martain (Song: Made of you)


This week's Quiz is the ULTIMATE 'what's your horse breed' personality quiz. You will need to enter your e-mail so we can send your results back to you.

Someone is trying to open a door while holding an arm-full of packages, what do you do?
Just walk on by, he can open the door by himself.
Tell your best friend to help him.
Go and open the door for him.
laugh at him
someone says thier dog is missing, what do you do?
Call them a liar
pretend to serch around
tell other people to search
walk away
Your boss gives you a command. What do you do?
Give respect and say "Affermitive"
Stare at clothing and shoes
just sit there
freak and jump up and down randomly.
You see a rat, what do you do?
Scream and try to slap it.
Look down at it and look back
Grab it and kill it
make wierd OOOOHing noises
Talk to it.
hold it and stroke it's head



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