Wolf's Paradise V.2

Like a wolf's cry in the distance...
I hear the crying of your soul...
-Ricky Martain (Song: Made of you)



Adding a comment

This page is for questions and comments ONLY. Questions like "Can I be a member of the staff?" or "Can you give me a prize?" are not allowed. Those have to be earned. If you have a suggestion, you can post it on the forums and I am sure one of our staff members (Lindsey, Courtney, Maddy) will recognize. If you send bad comments like "This website sucks!" or "Get a life!", you will be banned of this website for 24 hours.

Banning someone

If you wish to ban someone, remember to go to the rules page and check to see if what he/she has done was against the site rules. If they did do something against the rules, give me thier name and what they did wrong immediatly. I will try my hardest to find athat person and ban them.

Personal messages

If you know one of our staff members, you can contact them by e-mail.

Site owner's e-mail: courtney_howard@verizon.net (you can send anything, really)

Becoming a staff member

If you really want to become a staff member, then you have to work hard toward it. You have to find out how you can become one. It is tough, but it workd out in the end.


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